The program, which officially launched on April 1 2014, is targeted at Edgars account holders across its branch network of 26 stores.

The Club Benefits

Club members stand to reap a plethora of benefits exclusive to them, ranging from in-store discounts and insurance products, to partnership program discounts. To top it off, we bring you a magazine that features the lifestyle aspects you value most, from health and wellness issues, finance and home living, to real life issues and, of course, FASHION!

A. Hospital Cash Plan Benefits.

B. The Club Magazine.

We offer you an insightful, beautifully-packaged magazine that will help you navigate fashion trends, entitles you to in store discounts, general information and a wide range of adverts.

C. Promotions.

  • We have a running discount voucher of up to 10% with every Club magazine which is free for redemption by members.
  • Now and again we will spice up promotions that include but are not limited to free gift offerings, in-store discounts, movie tickets etc.

D. Access to our business alliance exclusive offerings.

For example, your Club membership may entitle you to VIP treatment at Econet shops, Spar and other institutions.

E. You may win an Educational bursary for a school of your choice.

We give away a total of $10,000 towards educational bursaries for rural schools per edition.