by Farirai Macheka

Confessions, Confessions. On some planet, solely inhabited by the beauty obsessed, their priority list reads like this, buy Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum, 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula, Flori Roberts Lipstain, Wow Shimmer, BLK/OPL Cleansing gel - then everything else follows. Scrounging and surfing the net for the latest lipstains, beauty trends are a must. As cars are to petrol-heads so are Beauty for both men and women. If you are fortunate to know a beauty addict here are some products that you can gift them

Summer is all about experimenting with color. With masks being second skin, the eyes are now the focal point (of course they have always been.) There is someone in your life who stocks up on eyeshadow palettes from different brands like they are getting out of fashion-it never hurts to add another pallet to their collection. Invest in eyeshadows that have different shades of each color. A 60 to 120 colour set is perfect for those who enjoy playing around with colour.

If someone in your life is guilty of the following “crimes” - repurposing the mascara wand as a spoolie or using the blending brush for highlighting -then it`s time to beef up their make- up brushes. There is no such thing as too many brushes. All beauty lovers need a good brush set that covers all their needs. Make- up application is flawless when one has the right tools for the job. You can buy brushes in a faux leather brush roll for easy storage and travel. The brush roll set is a keeper in every sense of the word.

By now you know that your beauty obsessed friend loves to look AND smell good. The fragrance world has the perfect scent for that lover of finer things, to ensure that they look and feel good. Perfume is an emotional gift. The secret to buying a perfume that they will actually love and use - is splurge on one that suits their personality and style.

There is a beauty routine that is a must. Typically, once it`s lights off it means the make-up goes as well. If you are looking to impress and hit the right chord with a beauty enthusiast; cleansers, toners and make up remover top the list of their favourite things. A quick scan of their dresser will give you an insight of the brand that gives them that glowy supple skin.

We might not be able to flaunt that perfect pout longer than two minutes but a lip balm or lipstain is an unparalleled glam must-have. To get rid of dry cracked lips, balm will work the magic in ensuring that the lips look supple and hydrated. Even if they major in stocking on lipstains and still have half used tubes, add those balms to their collection – they’ll truly appreciate that.

Sometimes, you just end up stumped for a special gift. So treat the beauty lover to shopping vouchers so that they spend on something they`ll actually use. Everyone appreciates a gift card as it gives them freedom of choice.

Mani and Pedi will work the magic in also completing the look. Help them wave goodbye to chipped nail polish and hello to freshly painted nails. Give the gift of beautiful nails by buying a nail polish set that comes in different colours. Wearing open toe sandals or flashing those finger nails will never be a mission with high end nail polish.

With this ultimate beauty gift guide you will never have to wonder what to buy the beauty addict in your life.

by Farirai Macheka


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