by Farirai Macheka

Having been a natural hoarder for all thing beauty I have realised that some of the Beauty that I have been splurging on have multiple roles. Meet the multitaskers that are known to work magic on multiple things:

One thing we love about mascara is that, it has a way of adding volume to the lashes and just making the eyes pop. Mascara also plays double duty. When you misplace your eyeliner or don`t have a sharpener reach out for your mascara. It plays the same role as your eyeliner. Avoid using your mascara for three months as your might get an eye infection which is not good look . Don`t budget at the expense of your health cause that trip to the doctor might prove costly.

Some things just don`t retire. When you are done with your mascara throw away the tube but not the mascara wand. It is super hand when it comes to grooming your eyebrows. In short it acts as a spoolie that keeps any stray hairs in place. The shape of your eyebrow is very important and actually affects the overall appearance of your face. For ‘disobedient’ eyebrows – you can tame them by applying a small amount of petroleum jelly on the brows and brush with the mascara wand

This might sound unconventional but it`s a quick and handy fix. We have seen the tooth brush playing a critical role in the kitchen trust our mother to find ways to repurpose something. Before the toothbrush makes its final trip to the kitchen scrubbing tough dirt on the stove you can use is as an exfoliator and more. A tooth brush can be used for laying those edges, exfoliating the lips. Ps use a different tooth brush for this tasks

Petroleum Jelly not only moisturizes your lips/skin but it can be used to protect you from lipstick stain smile disaster. Apply a little bit of Vaseline on your front teeth so that it`s transfer proof. Even lipstick rubs on to your teeth it won’t get caught on.

Still on the petroleum jelly tip. Once we invest in a fragrance, smelling good is the ultimate goal. We all want our perfume to last longer and the last thing you want is for it to breakdown quickly. Use petroleum jelly as a base by thinly applying it on your pulse areas before spaying your favourite perfume. Use non-scented petroleum jelly to avoid distorting the fragrance’s original scent. You will smell good all day long.

The process of doing your nails at home can be a therapeutic experience. If your nail polish is chipped smudged no need to fret or make that trip to the beauty parlour, trekking to the beauty parlour can be daunting because of the Covid pandemic. The worst experience is you smudging your freshly done nails while in a rush to get back to answer your phone. A simple way to remove nail polish without being overpowered by the acetone scent is to use your fragrance as nail polish remover.

You need to clean those make up brushes regularly to wash off the grime and dirt. Shampoo will do a great job of it. Deep brushes in water then lather them with shampoo. Use silicone free baby shampoo to avoid skin irritation and rinse thoroughly. Ensure that you make up bags are properly sanitise to ward off harmful bugs and bacteria

by Farirai Macheka

Farirai Macheka is Edgars Group Communications Liaison Officer, fashion and design enthusiast, avid gamer, sometime-gym fanatic, and devoted shopaholic. When she's not shopping or blogging you can find her meshing buttons on her PS5.


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