by Farirai Macheka

Roughness, cracks, chapping and dryness - these are all the bane of winter skin. Have you been wondering what the secret to supple skin is? Well wonder no more! We have our favourite winter skin care tips that will help you combat the dryness that comes with the chilly weather. To help you sparkle and put the spotlight on you this season, we've put together TOP 5 TIPS that will get your skin looking brighter during this season:

Hot shower? No! Warm shower or bath it's a definite Yes!! When temperatures hit all-time low, the temptation to soak in hot water is high. Long hot baths or showers exacerbate dry skin. Hot showers strip your skin of the natural oils that help to keep it smooth and moist. If you want that glow all winter long then ensure that you bathe in lukewarm water and minimise the duration of your showers. Spend a maximum of 10 minutes showering or bathing.

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! In summer, it's a default setting to drink lots of water as you tend to be hot, thirsty, sweaty etc. Though the temperature changes, the need remains the same. Lack of water results in wrinkly, flaky, dry skin. Drinking lots of water during the winter season is a must, as it helps to get rid of toxins. Although drinking water is good for overall health (aiding absorption excretion etc) it works wonders for the skin. Drink up to 8 glasses of water or 2 litres on a daily basis. This is the elixir for radiant, younger-looking and healthy skin.

Instead of spending a fortune on getting that flawless skin, some solutions are in your kitchen. You can whip up some natural home remedies such as oatmeal, sugar, mealie meal and many others to use as a scrub. These agents help to remove dead skin cells and create fresh skin that easily absorbs moisturisers. Do not scourge your face with the scrubs as you risk peeling off the protective layer. To get rid of the dead skin, scrub gently twice a week and then moisturise.

When winter takes its toll it’s easily noticeable on the hands. With regular washing of hands (using soap or alcohol-based sanitizers) being the new norm, dry hands are inevitable. To avoid dry, cracked hands, turn to tried and trusted petroleum jelly. Applying petroleum jelly immediately after washing your hands helps to retain moisture. For that baby soft skin, slather your hands with petroleum jelly overnight and wear soft gloves or socks. Covering your hands with socks or gloves will help trap in the moisture ensuring that it is fully absorbed into the skin.

We guess you know that hot water and harsh chemicals can play a number on your skin. This is where dishwashing gloves come in handy. For the majority of people, wearing gloves when doing dishes or cleaning up the house is not the norm. Ingredients in dish washing liquids cause irritation and dryness - so make gloves your best friend. They also help you avoid the trauma of exposing your hands to infections. Use a pair of latex gloves - be sure to go for non-latex variations if you have allergies or known sensitivities.

Apart from licking your lips, did you know that breathing through your mouth can cause them to dry up? Chapped dry lips are a total no, no!! The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of the face making it more vulnerable to harsh winter elements. Apply balm regularly and also wear it at night to replenish moisture and to protect them

These tips will do the trick in keeping your skin moisturised. Glow On!!

by Farirai Macheka


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